Tech News and Tips – May 2013

Tech News and Tips – May 2013

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Will Windows Blue make us love Windows 8?

The reaction to the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system has been mixed, to be kind. Many users have complained about how unintuitive the system is. Critics have said that its attempt to work as both a touch screen and a traditional mouse-based system has created an operating system that fills neither role well. Now Windows Blue is on the way. It’s an upgrade to Windows 8, and an effort to fix some of the operating system’s flaws. How does it do? The Verge tech Web site recently took a look. Here’s some of what they found.

A new look

The first thing that users will notice is that Windows Blue, or, if you prefer, Windows 8.1, gives users more control over how their home screens will look. In fact, the upgrade lets users arrange their tiles more like what you’d find on the Windows Phone. Users using Windows Blue will be able to choose from large, medium and small live tiles for their applications. The desktop tile also comes with an “extra large” option.


As The Verge writes, the “Settings” part of the Start screen has gone through significant changes, too. You will now be able to access new networking and apps sections. With the networking option, you’ll be able to switch your network connections easily on and off. In the Apps section, you’ll be able to chart how much storage each app is consuming. You can also turn on “quiet” mood to gain more control of when those sometimes-annoying notifications show up on your screen.

The cloud

The Verge story says that Windows Blue will do more to guide its users to the cloud by integrating Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud feature more deeply into the operating system. For example, a new settings panel allows users to directly backup devices to SkyDrive and automatically upload photos or videos from the camera to the cloud service. In summary, The Verge gives Microsoft positive marks for its Blue upgrade. The hope is that this upgrade will make Windows 8 a better experience for users.

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