Hello 1-800-Bollards Team!


We’d like to have you download and install a tool that will better help us manage all of your IT needs moving forward. This will give us the ability to stay more pro-active to avoid potential hardware failures, have information for needed budget planning, as well as remote access for technical assistance and troubleshooting.


  • Step 1: Click the button below to download the agent on your PC.



  • Step 2: Run the downloaded file to start the install


  • Step 3: Click “Yes” when prompted if you want to allow it to make changes to your system.
    • After it has completed you’ll eventually see a new icon (as seen in the screenshot) down by your clock, you may need to click the small up-arrow to show them all.


  • Step 4: Enjoy the rest of your day! That’s all there is to it.


If you get an error message or need any help please use this form to contact us
or give us a call at 248-357-7200 and choose option 2.


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