Infrastructure Design.

Building new and updating old infrastructure since 2001.

When thinking of the infrastructure of your business, think of the infrastructure of your city or your house; the basic structures and facilities (such as buildings, roads, and power) needed for operation. A lack of planning or the use of outdated or bad materials will undoubtedly lead to future problems and expenses. Your company’s infrastructure will behave in a similar manner, leaving you with the headache of fixing it. That’s where Huntington Technology comes in.


Our team has decades of combined experience building our purpose built solutions to support any business in any vertical. If you need to be HIPAA compliant, pass a PCI audit, or just need a lot of computing power, we’ve got your back. We can setup on-site hardware and software that fits your needs or we can create you a customize cloud hosted solution as well. Need your employees to be able to work remotely? We can handle that too.

We’ve learned a lot in our years of experience with infrastructure work, and you reap the benefit with a faster and more thorough process including system evaluations, development, implementation, testing, and repairs. Built correctly, your infrastructure should be scalable and easily adaptable for expansion, new efficiencies, and advancing threats, subsequently minimizing expenses and leaving you time to focus on today’s work.


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What our clients say

A Managed IT Infrastructure Service Provider with Offices in Southfield, MI and East Windsor, CT

Providing managed IT infrastructure solutions to businesses nationwide.


An agile, adaptable, and well-optimized IT infrastructure can provide a wide range benefits – from increased productivity to reduced operating costs. Increasingly, the potential to work from home and adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of technological advancement is crucial to the day-to-day operations of most businesses. A purposefully designed IT infrastructure can simplify and streamline these adaptations, and the support of a managed IT service provider can reduce – and even eliminate – the endless headaches that result from an outdated and poorly-designed infrastructure.


The Benefits of a Managed IT Infrastructure Design Service

Let’s explore some of the many benefits of choosing Huntington Technology to design and manage your IT infrastructure.


Maximizing Your Investment – the team at Huntington Technology has decades of combined experience in designing IT infrastructures across a wide range of verticals. Our team understands the unique needs of businesses, especially in specialized industries like healthcare. We can help you maximize your investment by choosing the hardware and software that fits your needs, while also eliminating redundancies and unnecessary expenses. Simply put, we help you get the most out of your technology.

Increasing Productivity – It’s impossible to overstate the importance of an IT environment where each piece of hardware and software functions together seamlessly. A task as simple as disseminating information throughout your organization can be complicated by a poorly-designed IT infrastructure. Productivity is at an all time high when things simply work, but creating an environment where that is the rule, and not the exception, is not always an easy task. At Huntington Technology, we specialize in designing custom IT infrastructures that meet the unique goals of your organization, while also focusing on streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.

Scalable & Flexible – You may have heard the famous saying ‘The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.’ A fatal flaw in designing any IT infrastructure is assuming that what works today will work tomorrow. When businesses grow, goals change, or something unexpected transforms the way your company operates, having an IT infrastructure that can adapt quickly can make an immeasurable difference in your ability to respond. With a managed IT infrastructure, unexpected changes and rapid growth are no longer an obstacle, but an opportunity to get ahead of the competition.


Why Choose Huntington Technology for Your IT Infrastructure Design Services?

Huntington Technology has the decades of experience and technical knowledge needed to ensure the cost-effective and efficient implementation of your IT design. Plus, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that our award-winning customer experience team is always just a phone call away. Our company was founded on basic principles: we want to be a partner in the success of your business, and we’re committed to building real relationships with the people and companies we support. From our offices in Southfield, MI and East Windsor, CT, we support businesses nationwide. Our experience covers a complete range of industries, including legal services, financial services, engineering firms,  manufacturing, and many more.


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