Cloud Hosting.

Business class cloud server hosting stress? Let us help!

Struggling with the expense, frustration and hard work required to manage your business’ IT hosting infrastructure yourself? Now there’s a better option. Huntington Technology’s business hosting packages offer improved performance, value, and support while also guaranteeing overall system security. Plus, our IT hosting services experts can implement this solution quickly, without compromising your business productivity.


Huntington Technology business class cloud server hosting solutions include:


  • Seamless connectivity – Easy accessibility for you and your team.
  • Dedicated servers – Housed in our secure, highly-accessible data center.
  • Unlimited desktop support – Support and assistance for your Macs and PCs from our amazing staff.
  • Server support –24/7 management of all physical devices, network and data center as well as remote access.
  • Prearranged monthly bills – No hassles or unexpected fees.

Attempting to afford and maintain your own IT hosting is much too expensive for most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) – just trying to identify needs and set up a business hosting system in the first place is hard enough. Adding to the network and maintaining proper security takes additional resources and staffing.


And just getting set up isn’t enough – technology is constantly changing and improving, so you have to continue to plan for future software and hardware needs. Most SMBs don’t have the staff or the expertise to build a business hosting solution comparable to that offered by Huntington Technology – and it wouldn’t make sense to try. Use those resources to grow your business and find new sources of revenue, while letting us worry about your IT hosting services.


We offer our customers secure, reliable, high-performance IT hosting services and support for one low monthly rate, giving you the time and freedom to concentrate on your business goals instead of your IT infrastructure.


Contact Huntington Technology now and we’ll show you how the right business hosting can have a huge impact on your business. 

What our clients say

Cloud Hosting Services from a Leading IT Company Based in Southfield, MI and East Windsor, CT

Providing managed cloud computing solutions to businesses nationwide.

In today’s world, having a cloud hosting system is crucial. With increasing need for the ability to work from home – or anywhere in the world – it’s more important than ever to have reliable, dedicated servers. For small to medium-sized businesses, in-house IT services are not only impractical, they often can’t deliver the support and expertise you need to feel confident that you and your team will always have seamless, secure, and easy access to the tools and information you need to stay efficient in this competitive landscape.


What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Your Cloud Hosting to an IT Service Provider?

Reliability – This is, quite simply, the most important feature of any cloud hosting service. For many businesses, losing access to cloud data can grind productivity to a halt. At Huntington Technology, we offer 24/7 server support and remote access support for all of your devices. Can you already feel the stress washing away?

Scalability – For growing businesses, scaling your IT cloud hosting services to meet you ever-changing needs can be a challenge. Our team can quickly increase the size and power of your cloud hosting and eliminate any potential bottlenecks.

Future-Proof – Technology is evolving at breakneck speeds. At Huntington Technology, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest innovations and updates. With our managed cloud hosting solutions, your systems will always be up-to-date and optimized to ensure compatibility across your devices and platforms.

Security – A single data breach can wipe away the trust that you’ve built with clients and customers for years – gone in an instant. Similarly, a single virus or damaged server can destroy countless hours of work. At Huntington Technology, we guarantee overall system security – whether it be from hackers, viruses, fire or flood.

Peace of Mind – With automatic backups, exceptional security, and unlimited 24/7 support from an award-winning customer experience team, you can rest assured knowing you – and your company’s data – are in good hands.


Why Choose Huntington Technology for Your Cloud Hosting Services?

As a Pioneer 250 Winner, our team is recognized as one of the leading providers of managed IT services in North America. The team at Huntington Technology is committed to being the best in the business, while also delivering personalized service. From our offices in Southfield, MI and East Windsor, CT, we support businesses nationwide. Our experience covers a complete range of industries, including legal services, financial services, engineering firms, manufacturing, and many more.


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