Network Management.

Keeping you connected, everywhere.

Overwhelmed with the variety of networking products and services available? Let Huntington Technology help you keep up with the fast-changing world of options to identify and integrate your optimal connectivity solutions.


Our consultants help small/mid-sized businesses in selecting and integrating the right wired and wireless solutions, including:


In–office wired networks – identify the proper firewall, switches, security solutions and integrations your office needs to stay connected


In–office wireless networks – identify the hardware, software, access points, adapters, bridges, antennas and accessories needed to expand the reach of your office wireless capabilities


Building-to-Building – provide affordable options to integrate multiple buildings seamlessly, through good planning and implementation

Site-to-Site – connecting your offices around the state, country, or even the globe so that no matter where your employees are, they can access their files and applications to get their work done


Mobile networks – integrate your smartphones and tablets into your IT network through our expertise in infrastructure, security, mobile applications, and data synchronization


We’ve learned a lot in our years of experience installing and maintaining fast, reliable, and secure networks across all of our clients for the past 19 years. You reap the benefit with a faster and more thorough process including system evaluations, development, implementation, testing, and repairs. Built correctly, your wired and wireless networks should be scale-able and easily adaptable for expansion, new efficiencies, and advancing threats, subsequently minimizing expenses and leaving you time to focus on today’s work.


Contact Huntington Technology now and we’ll show you how the right planning can have a huge impact on your business. 

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