Office Relocation.

Keeping our clients connected even when moving!

Is your company growing?  Have you outgrown your current office space?  Are you looking to move somewhere new? Moving into a new office can be exciting, but what about your technical environment?  Are you prepared to move your servers, computers, and cable/internet connections on your own?


Huntington Technology can help you make your office move very smooth!  We will take care of the following, and more, for you:


  • Inspecting your new space, assessing what is already in place and what our time frame should be for completing the job by moving day
  • Working with your cable/internet provider to have your IP addresses transfer with you when you leave for the new office
  • Running the necessary wires and cabling in order to support your business environment


  • On moving day, we will:
    • Meet you at your old office location
    • Safely shut down your network
    • Unplug everything and load your equipment into our vehicles
    • Drive your equipment to your new location
    • Setup your complete network at your new location
    • Run through your network with you, verifying that you are comfortable

Experts in infrastructure relocations


The team at Huntington Technology has the experience needed to move your entire network into your new office and take the stress out of your hands.  We’ll handle everything and make sure that you can begin conducting business immediately.


Just look at what one of our clients have said about us:


“Steve. Please thank your entire team at HT for helping get our office successfully wired and moved to our beautiful new Detroit location. You, along with Phil, Will, Drew, Ricky, Mark and Tony (hope I did not leave anyone out) all worked so hard on this project, planning and preparing to make sure the last several days went smoothly and it showed. Phones were ringing, computers were networked, Internet was up and running and computers were set up for each person. HT demonstrated that it shares our core value of “doing whatever it takes!” You have been a valued vendor and partner to us over the years and we are very appreciative. We have some loose ends to wrap up but it seems like we are almost home! Thanks again – Jody”


Contact Huntington Technology now and we’ll show you how the right planning can have a huge impact on your business. 

What our clients say