Are you prepared for disaster?


Are you prepared for disaster?

Did you know that almost 90% of all email messages to our clients are SPAM?

That’s what our SPAM filter statistics are averaging across all of our clients. That’s more than 300,000 emails that are blocked each month!

In the modern office, network security is an essential component to a successful business.  Our clients understand that their network is only as secure as its weakest component, once a potential threat has infiltrated the network, it can attack any connected device no matter how big or small.  Luckily, Huntington Technology provides our clients with multiple tiers of top of the line data backup solutions to reduce the likelihood of substantial data loss.

Recently we have received several tickets due to a piece of RANSOMWARE, known as CryptoLocker which is being sent to users via email.  The emails sent from CryptoLocker have links to a dropbox file, e-Fax attachment, or other legitimate looking attachments that contain the malicious files.  Once CryptoLocker has infiltrated your network, it encrypts all of your files – meaning that they are no longer useful or accessible by you. While anti-virus definitions are constantly being updated to prevent the attack of malicious files such as CryptoLocker, there can be a lag time between a new attack and the latest fixes.  If your business were to become infected with CryptoLocker or another malicious attack, would you be ready?

No seriously, think about this for a moment.

If you lost every single one of your documents for: Projects, Patients, Clients,
Quotes, Vendors, Financials, Documentation, Invoices, Taxes, Payroll, Etc, Etc, Etc….

What would you do? How would your business continue on? Would you be ready to fight back if CryptoLocker struck your business today?  If not, give us a call and we will schedule a time to discuss a data backup and restoration plan specialized for the unique needs of your business.

Just last week we had a client’s network become severely infected with CryptoLocker after a user said YES to allowing an infected file to run even though the on site anti-virus caught the issue and warned against running the attachment.  The virus encrypted hundreds of folders and files on their network limiting their users access to files. Fortunately six months earlier we had advised the client to setup one of our best backup solutions, which they did!  Within about six hours, the affected computers were cleaned, the files restored, and the users were educated (reminded) on the best prevention methods. – If you don’t know what or where something came from, please don’t open or run it. –  Our client was able to continue working the very next day showing little effect of what could have caused an entire collapse of their business.

Please first and foremost educate your users. Then call Huntington Technology at 248-357-7200 to know how you can better protect yourselves.