Huntington Technology’s On-site Visit Covid-19 Guidelines


Huntington Technology’s On-site Visit Covid-19 Guidelines

Here at Huntington Technology, we are all working to keep everyone safe while assisting you with your technology. Below are some basic guidelines that we are having our team follow and we’re asking that our clients do their best to follow as well. Each day all HT Employees will be screened with a standardized Covid-19 process before their workday begins.


Employee visits to client sites


    • HT Employee will wear a mask at all times
    • HT Employee will sanitize equipment upon delivery/installation
    • HT Employee will maintain social distancing at all times
    • HT Employee will inquire about client’s COVID-19 procedures prior to entering their building and respect them accordingly as able


Customer and visitor contact protocols


    • HT will only send the minimum number of HT Employees as required for the job
    • We request that the client limit the number of their employees in any work area at one time
    • No handshake greetings, remain 6 feet apart
    • Using video or telephone conferencing instead of in-person client meetings
    • Providing contactless pickup and delivery of products (if possible)
    • Our HT employees reserve the right to not enter a client’s offices if they are not following basic social distancing protocols and recommended PPE