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Huntington Technology provides a complete range of off-site cyber security services, as well as specialized security designed to protect our Software as a Service (Saas) clients


Until recently, the majority of the applications and data was stored locally on in-house servers and devices. With the move to cloud-based applications and data storage, new cyber security challenges emerged, opening companies up to a wide range of vulnerabilities.  

Growing your business presents a challenge – ensuring that your risk management and cyber security tools advance at the same pace as your businesses. With an increased reliance on cloud data and remote workflows, businesses are at greater risk than ever for a wide range of cyber attacks, such as phishing, malware, man in the middle attacks. At Huntington Technology, we partner with businesses of all sizes to offer world-class cyber security services that allow businesses to utilize all the benefits of the cloud, while also ensuring the necessary measures have been taken to protect your assets and reputation.


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SaaS Security Service Provider in Metro Detroit


When it comes to data protection, we want our clients to have the top cyber security solution. Businesses of all sizes are regularly targeted by phishing, ransomware, and other broad-based scams. Even the smallest vulnerabilities can be exploited to wreak havoc on your business. When you partner with Huntington Technology, you will rest easy knowing you have comprehensive, best-in-class cyber security solutions protecting your user accounts and data.


When it comes to workflow management, we want our clients to have the most flexible options. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings allow for a complete suite of applications and workflow options that provide the efficiency and ease of remote access required in today’s business landscape. However, we understand that with cloud-based solutions come a wide range of security challenges. We can help.


When it comes to deciding between security and flexibility, we don’t think clients should have to choose. We understand that the recent trends of employees working from anywhere on cloud-based computing require a shift from traditional network-based security.


Our SaaS Security Services are designed to address the challenges presented when large amounts of sensitive data, user account management, and company emails are no longer stored on secure in-house servers. 


Guard your company’s cloud-based systems and data with Huntington Technology’s advanced Saas Security services. 


Employee Cyber Security Training: Employee errors or negligence is one of the leading causes of data breaches and successful attacks. Trusting your employees to implement recommended security practices plays an important role in any cyber security program. Regular security awareness training can significantly reduce human risk factors, protecting your data and preventing phishing attacks.


Endpoint Security: With remote work on the rise, securing each individual device (endpoint) that connects to your cloud based systems is crucial. Huntington Technology’s endpoint security service examines system activity, files and processes to detect suspicious activity before it becomes a threat and allows our experienced administrators to secure your endpoints from a centralized, off-site management system.


Mobile Device Management: At Huntington Technology, our IT administrators provide proactive protection for your organizations through Mobile Device Management, allowing our team to securely monitor and secure a complete range of devices. Huntington Technology’s robust Mobile Device Management Framework is design to mitigate risks, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and streamline security programs and implementation.


Incident Response: A fast and effective response action plan is key to a successful cyber security program. Our cyber security professionals provide 24/7 off-site service for monitoring, identifying, containing, and eliminating security threats.


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With over 30 years of experience providing businesses nationwide with professional IT support, our award-winning team offers responsive, personalized cyber security services designed to protect your business from even the most sophisticated attacks. Our company was founded on basic principles: we want to be a partner in the success of your business, and we’re committed to building real relationships with the people and companies we support. From our offices in Bingham Farms, MI and East Windsor, CT, we support businesses nationwide. Our experience covers a complete range of industries, including legal services, financial services, engineering firms, manufacturing, and many more.


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