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Helping small businesses in Metro Detroit and beyond stay relevant and secure in an ever-changing technological landscape.


Huntington Technology Provides a Complete Range of Office 365 Services for Businesses Nationwide


Our goal at Huntington Technology is to ensure that you have the best tools and resources available for your business with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. With our Office 365 Migration services, you can transition to Microsoft’s best-in-class software suite that will increase your efficiency and protect your company from spam, ransomware, phishing and other security threats.

Partner with Huntington Technology in your Office 365 migration and your company will remain secure and efficient, without losing time on the transition.

Is it time to transition to Office 365, but you’re worried about disrupting your employee’s communication or workflow? Don’t worry, we have a solution. Maybe you’re voluntarily migrating from G-Suite / Google Workspace to Office 365 because you’ve realized that Microsoft provides the most suitable applications for your company. Maybe you’ve noticed the increased need to protect your data against security threats and realized Office 365 offers multiple security features, including Multi-Factor Authentication, to keep your information secure. Or, maybe you’re only switching because your current subscriptions have expired.


Whatever your reason for migrating to Microsoft Office 365, Huntington Technology is here to help make the transition smooth, efficient, and seamless.


Huntington Technology is certain that Office 365 products–Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, etc. — supply the most effective and beneficial business management software to clients. Because of this, we take care of every step of the Office 365 migration process and beyond on behalf of our clients. 


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Why use Huntington Technology for Office 365 Consulting in Metro Detroit?


First, our Office 365 experts tackle the Office 365 migration and post-migration tasks. Keeping all of your emails, contacts, calendar entries, and various permissions/distribution groups intact so nothing is lost. Moving forward, Huntington Technology remains available to support clients with any post-migration concerns. We do it to ensure our clients have the best, most relevant technical resources to advance their business.


Office 365 Migration from Any Platform


In whatever situation and from whatever platform, Huntington Technology has you covered in your Office 365 Migration. Huntington Technology makes Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations seamless. Whether you’re currently relying on a local Microsoft Exchange server that’s end of life, G-Suite / Google Workspace, Zoho Office Suite, or any one of the many alternatives Huntington Technology has the tools and knowledge needed to make your Office 365 migration smooth and hassle-free. Perhaps the backbone of any company, email is always at the forefront of Huntington Technology’s Office 365 experts. We will migrate your Gmail or any other email accounts into Office 365 to make sure you don’t miss a single communication.


Experience in Office 365 Migration


Once we gather the information we need through our one-on-one consultations, we take over the migration process. We apply for the Office 365 licensing that allows every level of your staff to make use of the platform. Have entry-level employees that do not need access to the higher-level offerings? No problem. Office 365 allows you to mix and match your employees based on their needs. Combining Huntington Technology’s experience in migrations with your consultation, Huntington Technology handles the licensing selections. 


Huntington Technology also has the skills to seamlessly migrate your email, contacts, and calendars to your Office 365 platform. We are especially fond of the anti-spam and anti-phishing policies provided by Office 365. We can set up your account to stop spam and protect against phishing emails hitting your inbox. With our experience and knowledge of Office 365 capabilities, we can help implement the most secure measures for your business.


Relieving Fears Office 365 Migration for Your Detroit


Unfortunately, the downfall of improved technology is improved hackers. It’s scary knowing that savvy foreign actors could gain access to our information or those of clients and employees. Luckily, Office 365 subscriptions include security measures that prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to any threats. 


With Huntington Technology at your side, we help ensure that your security tools are protecting you from phishing attempts and other tools utilized by bad actors. With the security protections and the beneficial Office 365 applications like Outlook, Teams, and Sharepoint, we trust this migration will save your business time, energy, and money. With Huntington Technology’s Office 365 consulting services, you will have the support, skills, and tools necessary to make the transition as seamless as possible. 


Supporting your Office 365 Needs Post-Migration


One of the biggest headaches the workday can give us is when the technology we rely on stops working the way it typically does. Often, the answer is simple, but if we don’t know where to look or who to call, it can take hours from our day. 


We understand that your employees’ time is best spent doing the thing they do best, not troubleshooting software issues. With Huntington Technology, you don’t have to. Our IT Helpdesk is available 24/7 to deliver solutions. Simply call us and we will walk you through any Office 365 needs.


Huntington Technology Provides Growth-Minded Businesses with Cost-Effective Solutions in Office 365 Migration. 


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