Managed IT Services in Springfield, MA

Cut costs and eliminate hassles with Huntington Technology. With our IT Managed Services, our award-winning team will become the complete IT department for your business or organization. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and responsive service allows us to design, manage, monitor, and maintain your IT infrastructure with 24/7 support, enhanced security, and little-to-no downtime without the high overhead costs of an in-house IT department.


Remote & Onsite Support

Our team can provide the support you need, when you need it, with remote desktop services.


24/7 Support Desk

From our offices in Southfield, MI and East Windsor CT, we’re always on call to fix any issue that might arise – day and night.


System Monitoring

Professional network monitoring can detect unusual or unauthorized network activity and prevent system errors in real-time.


Network Security

From network segmentation to endpoint security and data loss prevention – we use every tool available to protect your sensitive information.


Backups & Malware Protection

Offsite backups protect you from losing valuable company information in the event of a malware attack, virus, fire, or flood.

Our Managed Services Model
Managed Services

We are an award winning Managed Service Provider with decades of experience helping small to medium businesses in the Michigan, Connecticut, and Massachusetts markets. If your company struggles managing their technology, maybe it’s time for you to contact us.


The MSP 501 is a global ranking of Managed Service Providers that we are proud to be a part of. Being one of the top 501 MSP’s globally comes with it’s challenges and Huntington Technology steps up year after year to stay at the top.


Datto is our trusted backup disaster recovery provider. Datto Blue is the top of the top. Only 5% of providers globally make the cut and Huntington Technology is one of those partners.


As a Pioneer 250 winner, we are recognized as one of the top 250 Managed Service Providers in North America.


Our team has decades of combined experience building our purpose built solutions to support any business in any vertical.


Attempting to afford and maintain your own IT hosting is much too expensive for most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


Businesses that lack a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan risk more than just their data – they risk losing their entire business.


Let Huntington Technology help you keep up with the fast-changing world of options to identify and integrate your optimal connectivity solutions.


Email is one of the most used productivity tools used in any organization. End users rely on their inbox to stay on top of projects.


A better and more affordable way for businesses to communicate. Using high-speed Internet connections to make and receive phone calls


Is your company growing?  Have you outgrown your current office space?  Are you looking to move somewhere new?


How do customers find you? Is your website doing all it should to bring in business and grow sales?

What our clients say

IT Managed Services for Businesses in Springfield, MA

Why Choose Huntington Technology?


For growing businesses, long-term strategic partnerships are the building blocks for success. As a recognized industry leader specializing in IT managed services for small-to-medium sized businesses nationwide, Huntington Technology can add incredible value to your day-to-day operations. Our turnkey customizable, turnkey approach offers the ease of a single-point service provider that can ensure your systems are optimized for efficiency and compatibility well into the future.


Some of the many benefits of Managed IT Services:


Lower Costs

Choose the services you need, when you need them, with the ability to scale as your organization grows. Our customizable approach makes it easier to budget with packaged monthly costs and the elimination of unnecessary equipment and manpower.


Save Time and Reduce Hassles

Managing the technology needs of a growing organization is a full time job – sometimes several full-time jobs. No longer will your in-house staff have to spend valuable time and resources on updates, troubleshooting or research. Additionally, we guarantee minimal downtime and smooth connectivity to ensure optimal productivity.


Fully Monitored and Managed

Our IT Managed Services give you peace of mind knowing that your backups, security, servers, and equipment are being monitored and updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our quick response time for implementing patches and technology fixes on a consistent basis, your organization will benefit from a computing environment that is always working for you, not against you.


The team at Huntington Technology understand that your systems are crucial to maintaining a productive work environment. That’s why we always go above and beyond to provide responsive service and cutting-edge solutions that will allow you to focus on growing your business. From our offices in Metro Detroit and East Windsor, Connecticut, we serve businesses nationwide, offering solutions for a wide range of industries. From healthcare facilities requiring HIPAA compliance to financial institutions that require advanced security, our specialized knowledge and training allows us to provide you with the IT support your business needs.


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